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PGI-1 Seminar: Dr. Amiclar Bedoya-Pinto 

Integrating molecules in spintronic devices: Spin-Valves, Magnetic Transistors and Functional Interfaces

11 Dec 2013 11:30

CiC nanoGUNE, San Sebastian


Organic and carbon-based materials, characterized by long spin coherence times, are promising candidates for next-generation spintronic devices. They are not only being used as efficient templates for spin-polarized transport, but also as building blocks to tailor the energetics of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces, due to the chemical and morphological flexibility offered by molecular functional groups. Moreover, the interaction between molecules and ferromagnetic surfaces leads to the formation of hybrid spin-polarized interface states, which are expected to play a key role in determining the interface magnetization and thus the spin-injection phenomena.

In this talk, I will focus on the experimental realization of three different applications that highlight the advantages of molecular materials: (i) as spin-transport channels, (ii) energy-level aligners and (iii) magnetic interface designers. As a first example, spin-polarized transport across C60 and Bathocuproine (BCP) molecules is demonstrated using spin-valve devices at room-temperature.  In the second example, the energy-level aligment at metal-C60 interfaces is determined with an-all electrical spectroscopy device called magnetic tunnel transistor.  Last but not least, I will present a non-conventional pathway towards the creation of magnetically active hybrid interfaces, which results from a strong chemical interaction between non-magnetic reactive metallic surfaces (e.g. Cu) and high-spin molecules (Tb3q9). The occurrence of a molecular-driven ferromagnetic phase at otherwise nonmagnetic metal surfaces highlights the importance of interfacial chemistry to tailor novel magnetic interfaces and functional hybrid structures for spintronic applications.


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