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Master Thesis: Philipp Rüßmann 

Spin-Orbit Scattering of Gold Surface Electrons at Adatoms from First-Principles

21 May 2014 10:00
PGI Lecture Hall

Forschungszentrum Jülich


Using ab initio calculations we study the quasiparticle spin-interference induced by scattering off magnetic and non-magnetic atoms on the Au(111) surface, where strong spin-orbit coupling is present. The Au(111) surface states are a good model system to study scattering off impurities in a quasi two-dimensional Rashba electron gas. The effect of the spin-orbit interaction on the induced charge and magnetization density is investigated. Friedel oscillations as well as complex non-collinear magnetic structures around the impurities can be observed. The dependence on the direction of the impurity’s magnetic moment is discussed and the microscopic scattering properties, namely the scattering probability rate off the impurity, are examined, with focus on the scattering into and close to the time-reversed state.


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