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Matrix Product States and PEPS: A local perspective on correlated quantum many-body systems

Dr. Norbert Schuch
California Institute of Technology

08.09.2011 11:00 Uhr
Seminarraum N-270 des PGI

PGI-2: Theoretische Nanoelektronik

Matrix Product States (MPS) and Projected Entangled Pair States (PEPS) provide a description of correlated quantum many-body states from a local perspective. They faithfully approximate ground states of local Hamitonians which makes them powerful numerical tools, while at the same time their ability to explain the global behavior of quantum many-body systems from local properties makes them useful for analytical studies. In my talk, I will give an introduction to Matrix Product States and PEPS as analytical and numerical tools, and illustrate their usefulness with two examples: First, I will show how MPS can be used to understand symmetry protected topological order in one dimension from local symmetries, and second, I will discuss how PEPS can be used to establish a "holographic framework" which provides a rigorous way to associate a boundary Hamiltonian to every bulk theory.


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