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Autumn School on Correlated Electrons:
Emergent Phenomena in Correlated Matter

23 Sep 2013
27 Sep 2013
Forschungszentrum Jülich



Emergent phenomena are the hallmark of many-body systems, and yet to unravel their nature remains one of the central challenges in condensed-matter physics. In order to advance our understanding it is crucial to learn from the different manifestations of emergence as well as from the interplay of different emergent phases, such as magnetism and superconductivity. For addressing such problems, it is necessary to master a broad spectrum of techniques from traditionally separate branches of research, ranging from ab-initio approaches based on density-functional theory to advanced many-body methods to electron-lattice coupling and dynamics. In this school we aim to analyze emergence in some of its major manifestations in the solid-state and compare methodologies used to address specific aspects. The aim of the school is to introduce advanced graduate students and up to the essence of emergence and the modern approaches for modeling emergent properties of correlated matter.



Prof. Dr. Eva Pavarini
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