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Dr. Enrique Burzuri

Kavli Institute Delft (van der Zant lab)

Measuring quantum properties of mesoscopic single-molecule magnets

28 Jan 2014 14:00
PGI-Hörsaal , Room 365

Magnetic molecules and, in particular, single-molecule magnets are receiving special attention for their magnetic anisotropy and large molecular spin which make them behave as miniature magnets. These nanomagnets are of potential interest for industry as nanoscale memory elements and moreover, thanks to the quantum nature of the spin, molecular magnets have been proposed as qubits in quantum information processing.

From a fundamental physics perspective, single-molecule magnets offer an ideal playground to study quantum phenomena like quantum tunnelling, quantum interferences or quantum phase transitions in the “mesoscopic” scale. Here, I will address the different techniques used to detect such subtle quantum behavior in arrays of single-molecule magnets but also at the single molecule level.


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