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PGI-9-Seminar: Prof. Dr. Mathieu Luisier

Thema: Atomistic modeling of band-to-band tunneling transistors


wird am Mittwoch, den 06.11.2013, 10:30 Uhr, PGI-3, Geb. 02.4W, Raum 309b

einen Vortrag halten.

Prof. Dr. Mathieu Luisier

Integrated Systems Laboratory
ETH Zürich

With the rapid decrease of the semiconductor device dimensions, technology computer aided design (TCAD) is entering a new era where one-dimensional models and classical approximations such as drift-diffusion or Monte Carlo methods are no more valid and need to be replaced by more evolved, but computationally more intensive approaches based on discrete quantum mechanics. In this presentation, I will introduce a general-purpose simulation engine called OMEN that properly accounts for energy quantization effects, geometrical confinement, and the atomic granularity of devices at the nanometer scale. After comparing its results with experimental data, I will show how OMEN can be used to design homo- and hetero-junction band-to-band tunneling field-effect transistors (TFETs), understand their characteristics, and optimize their performance.