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Quantum Mechanics and Neutron Scattering Part 1

Quantum mechanics is one of the central pillars of modern physics. This video clarifies fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics using neutron scattering experiments from research undertaken at the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS).

This video (part 1) looks at the topics of quantization, quantum phase transitions and scattering at lattices.

About neutron scattering:
Neutrons are the building blocks of atomic nuclei and have no electric charge. They reveal, among other things, where atoms are located, how they move and which magnetic properties they possess. Due to their unique properties, scientists from many disciplines use this method, in physics through to chemistry, biology, and geology, right up to material and engineering sciences.

About JCNS:
JCNS builds and operates outstanding neutron scattering instruments at leading international neutron sources and enables German and international scientists from all disciplines to use these for their research. JCNS combines this with an excellent scientific environment in selected research fields.

Duration: 5 min 07 sec
Language: English

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