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Jülich’s End-of-Year Lecture 2017
Brain, Computers, Comprehension

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Brain, Computers, Comprehension

How our brain gives rise to the multiplicity of feelings, thoughts, speech, and actions is one of the greatest mysteries of science.
In order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the brain and its functions, researchers have to interlink insights from various fields of science.
A multimodal brain atlas is therefore required which pools all the findings available on the brain in a vast, generally accessible database.

Such an endeavour would be unthinkable without high-performance computers, such as Jülich’s supercomputers JUQUEEN and JURECA. New methods of machine learning help analyse large
data sets. Simulations reveal data which are not accessible by means of experiments.
Increasingly, insights from brain research are inspiring innovative concepts in hardware design and artificial neural networks, making them relevant not only for basic research and clinical translation, but also opening up paths to new technologies.

Prof. Dr. Katrin Amunts is director of the Jülich Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, director of the C. and O. Vogt Institute of Brain Research at Düsseldorf University Hospital, and Vice-Chair of the German Ethics Council.

The lecture will be in German.