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Jülich’s End-of-Year Lecture 2013
Research in 3D

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Organizer's data protection statement

When you register for “Jülich's End-of-Year Lecture 2013” your personal details and your email address will be saved on a server. Your personal details will only be used for this event. Your details will not be passed on to third parties or used for any other internal purposes.

Note on image, film and sound recording: We would like to advise you that during the event recordings will be made that may be used as part of our public relations. By registering for this event, you give your consent to the publication of such material which may include images and/or audio recordings of you for this purpose.

CD Advertising Agency
The CD advertising agency only records personal details of those attending the event to the extent required by the event organizer for administration purposes. After the commission has been completed (preparation, implementation of and follow-up to the event), the data will be erased. Personal details will in no case be passed on to third parties.