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HITEC Day: Climate relevant processes in the atmosphere


The role of the atmosphere in the climate system and its underlying processes are of crucial importance for understanding and predicting climate variations, natural disasters, and air quality and thus for the living conditions on Earth. The chemical composition of the atmosphere is observed with innovative satellite and aircraft techniques. Dynamical and chemical processes as well as related feedback mechanisms and interaction with other climate subsystems are studied in order to improve the prediction of global and regional climate change. To develop adequate mitigation and adaptation strategies, a reliable scientific knowledge base about the atmosphere is required.

You will learn:

Acquiring basic knowledge of processes in the atmosphere such as chemical composition, radiative effects, transport, and waves, which trigger climate change in different regions of the atmosphere.

This information day will provide an overview of

  • The upper troposphere and lower stratosphere
  • Asian Monsoon
  • "Geo-engineering"
  • Atmospheric gravity waves
  • Stable isotopes in trace gases
  • Measurement techniques of atmospheric trace gases

 Hitec Theme Day (PDF, 42 kB)
 Hitec Announcement (PDF, 41 kB)