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13 Dec 2012
13 Dec 2012

The worldwide operation of nuclear power plants means that the state of the art must be continuously updated with respect to the safety of reactor operation and final disposal of radioactive waste. In nuclear waste management, new disposal concepts are being developed on the basis of new materials which are intended to ensure safe disposal for up to one million years. In close interaction between experiments and simulation, accident scenarios are analysed in reactor safety research and the effectiveness of safety measures evaluated.

You will learn:

Acquiring basic knowledge of nuclear waste management and safety research in the field of reactor technology and fundamental principles of radioactivity and nuclear fission.

This information day will provide an overview of

  • radioactivity and nuclear fission
  • objectives of reactor safety
  • current knowledge on the Fukushima reactor accident
  • materials development for nuclear waste management
  • characterization of materials for nuclear waste management
  • strategies for nuclear waste management