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(There are only two ways of access. Access is either through a cooperation agreement in combination with an R & D contract or at full cost.

Cooperation agreement: The access is regulated via cooperation agreements between the Research Centre Juelich and the using institution (university, college, research institution, etc.) in combination with an R & D contract of the user of the institution (institute, department, etc.). As part of the contract process the costs are freely negotiable with the HNF management, grants are expected at least. Package arrangements are possible.

The cost below are used if there is no cooperation agreement and/or R & D agreement possible between the Research Centre Jülich and the user.

Equipment€/h (plus VAT)
RIE 386,82
RIE 494,80
RIE 558,15
RIE 662,68
RIE 760,96
PECVD - Oxford49,90
PECVD - Sentech70,31
Aufdampfanlage Balzers PLS 55084,87
Aufdampfanlage Balzers PLS 570150,74
Oerlikon EVO 2 Metallisierung108,12
Kontaktbelichter Süss MA 3_171,92
Kontaktbelichter Süss MA 674,60
Kontaktbelichter Süss MA 894,82
Tempress 3 Stock Ofen102,40
Centrotherm Wetox CLV 70,98
Gigabatch 36025,51
Elektronenstrahlbelichter Vistec 5000191,78
REM Gemini 122,36
Rem FEI Magellan 103,51
FIB FEI Helios123,95
Ellipsometer Sentech SE 80049,02
SSEC Waferwäscher53,89
Wet Bench Masken35,32
Wet Bench Si-Coating17,51
Wet Bench Si-Development21,01
Wet Bench Si-Solvents13,20
Wet Bench Si-Cleaning45,90
Wet Bench Si-Ätzen37,56
Wet Bench III-V Ätzen17,23
Wet Bench III-V Resist32,28
Wet Bench BioHybrid19,36
Wet Bench PreClean22,84