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The Institute collaborates with national and international partners both theoretical and experimental. Experimental researchers are reported in italics.



Prof. S. CichonINM-1
Prof. A. Bauer INM-2
Prof. J. Shah INM-4
Prof. B. NeumeierINM-5
Prof. T. LippertJSC


Prof. J. K. DhontICS-3
Prof. C. FahlkeICS-4
Prof. D. WillboldICS-6


Prof. U. HabelINM-10
Prof. J. SchultzINM-11
Prof. K. Konrad INM-11

Helmholtz Centers

Dr. S. KraussDZNE, BonnGermany
Dr. K. HadianHelmholtz Zentrum München, MunichGermany

RWTH Aachen University

Prof. B. LüscherUniklinik RWTH Aachen, AachenGermany
Prof. S. KoschmiederUniklinik RWTH Aachen, AachenGermany
Prof. C. BolmRWTH Aachen Univerisity, AachenGermany

International Collaborations

Prof. C. FernándezLaboratorio Max Planck de Biología Estructural, RosarioArgentina
Prof. R. Wade University of HeidelbergGermany
Prof. W. Meyerhof Institute of Human Nutrition, PotsdamGermany
Prof. Christian GriesingerMax Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, GöttingenGermany
Prof. T. F. OuteiroGeorg-August-Universität, GöttingenGermany
Prof. R. Eisenberg Rush University, ChicagoUSA
Prof. G. Varani University of Washington, SeattleUSA
Prof. P. JenningsUniversity of California San Diego, La JollaUSA
Prof. P. PohlUniversity of LinzAustria
Prof. R. Nechushtai Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael
Prof. M. OrozcoIRB Barcelona/BSCSpain
Prof. M. ParrinelloETHZ, LuganoSwitzerland
Prof. U. Röthlisberger EPFL, LausanneSwitzerland
Dr. A. CurioniIBM Zurich Research LabSwitzerland
Prof. J. Hellgren Kotaleski KTH, StockholmSweden
Prof. G. LegnameSISSA, TriesteItaly
Prof. C. MichelettiSISSA, TriesteItaly
Prof. R. LaveryIBCP, LyonFrance
Prof. Nguyễn Thế ToànVNU University of Science, HanoiVietnam
Dr. Duc NguyenCCFE, OxfordshireUK
Prof. Luhua LaiPeking university, BeijingChina









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