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Lesson at ICGEB in Trieste of Prof. Paolo Carloni about computational molecular medicine

Computational Molecular Medicine

Prof. Paolo Carloni speaks on "Computational Molecular Medicine". This seminar has been recorded by ICGEB Trieste More: Computational Molecular Medicine …



The European Joint Doctorate Program HPC-LEAP is accepting applications for the academic year 2015-2016. More: HPC-LEAP …

Minisymposium for Ruth Nussinov

Computational Molecular Biology: A minisymposium

A minisymposium about computational molecular medicine has been organized on 22.10.2015 at RWTH Aachen University on the occasion of the visit of Prof. Ruth Nussinov (National Cancer Institute, Maryland, USA) to Aachen and Jülich. More: Computational Molecular Biology: A minisymposium …

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