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Newsletter "JSC News"

"JSC News" ist der monatliche Newsletter des Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Er enthält Ankündigungen zu neuer Hardware, Software, Forschungsthemen, Projekten und Veranstaltungen im Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Der Newsletter erscheint seit Dezember 2007 auf Englisch. Gedruckte Versionen können auf Wunsch zugeschickt werden.


JSC News 2015/2014
 JSC News No. 229, March 2015 (PDF, 49 kB) JSC Becomes Full Member of JLESC
EUDAT2020 – Building a Collaborative Data Infrastructure
ORPHEUS – Fire Safety in the Underground
JUQUEEN Extreme Scaling Workshop
 JSC News No. 228, February 2015 (PDF, 46 kB) JURECA: Successor to JUROPA
Successful Scientific Visualization Contest at IEEE VIS Conference
Guest Student Programme 2015
Jülich Researcher Bernd Mohr to Chair SC17
 JSC News No. 227, December 2014 (PDF, 46 kB) Third JUQUEEN Porting and Tuning Workshop
POWER Acceleration and Design Center
Preparatory Experiments for Studying Smoke Dynamics
Awards for Bachelor’s and Master’s Students
Second NIC Excellence Project 2014
End of Year Colloquium 2014
 JSC News No. 226, November 2014 (PDF, 47 kB) Jülich School on Computational Science 2015
JSC @ SC14
CECAM Tutorial "Atomistic Monte Carlo Simulations of Bio-molecular Systems"
Review of the CECAM Workshop on Many-Core Computing at Daresbury
New GCS Large-Scale Projects
 JSC News No. 225, October 2014 (PDF, 46 kB) Haswell Test System Available in November
Human Brain Project: Pre-Commercial Procurement under Way
PRACE "Summer of HPC" Students at JSC
New NIC Web Pages
MATSE Exams Passed
MATSE: New Course Started