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Talks 2017
DateSpeaker and Title
Jan, 10

Rene Halver, SL Molecular Systems

Benchmarking Molecular Dynamics with OpenCL on Heterogenous Architectures

Feb, 21

Sebastian Achilles, SL Quantum Materials

Distributed parallel non-equilibrium Green's function approach to inelastic charge transport

Mar, 7

Xue Wu, SL Climate Science

Transport of high-latitude volcanic plume into the tropical tropopause layer - a special case of Sarychev eruption in summer 2009 and the key role of Asian summer monsoon

Apr, 7

Humberto Hijar, Engineering School, La Salle University Mexico

Hydrodynamic Correlations in Nematic Liquid Crystals Simulated with Multi-particle Collision Dynamics

May, 23

Godehard Sutmann, SL Molecular Systems

Parallel Monte Carlo for segregation in solids

Jun, 13

Edoardo Di Napoli, SL Quantum Materials

Modernizing a legacy code: An Exercise in Performance Portability

Jun, 27

Ting-Jui Hsu, Research Group Quantum Information Processing

Simulation of a quantum annealer for solving the 2-satisfiability problem at zero and finite temperature

summer break
Aug, 28

Claudia Stephan, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

From weather to climate and climate to weather: the challenge of separating multi-scale processes

Sep, 26

Michael Schlottke-Lakemper, SL Fluids and Solids Engineering

An efficient approach for computational aeroacoustics on HPC systems

Oct, 10

Stephan Dürr, SL Nuclear and Particle Physics and University of Wuppertal

Porting the Brillouin operator to the KNL architecture

Nov, 21

Thomas Müller, SL Molecular Systems

Local electron correlation techniques within the MRCI framework

Dec, 5

Madita Nocon, Research Group Quantum Information Processing

Our experience with the IBM Quantum Experience

Talks 2016
DateSpeaker and Title
Jan, 12

Young J. Moon, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics Laboratory,
School of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University

Aerodynamic noise at low Mach numbers

Jan, 26

Godehard Sutmann, SimLab Molecular Systems

Operator based charge distribution and interpolation for particle-mesh methods

Feb, 9

Giulia Rossetti, Department of Oncology, Hematology and Stem Cell Transplantation, University Hospital Aachen, RWTH Aachen University; Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS-5); Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-9); SimLab Biology

Binding of the Antagonist Caffeine to the Human Adenosine Receptor hA 2A R in Nearly Physiological Conditions

Feb, 23

Fengping Jin, Research Group "Quantum Information Processing"

Approximate Validity of the Jarzynski Relation for Non-Gibbsian States in Isolated Systems

Mar, 8

Sachin Nanavati, SimLab Ab Initio Methods

Shared memory parallelization of a radial solver

Mar, 22

Philipp Franke, Rheinisches Institut für Umweltforschung (RIU), Universität zu Köln; Institut für Energie- und Klimaforschung (IEK-8)

A new particle smoother for emission parameter estimation

Apr, 5

Michael Schlottke-Lakemper, SimLab Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids

Direct-hybrid computational aeroacoustics via the discontinuous Galerkin method

Apr, 19

Lukas Poorthuis, SimLab Terrestrial Systems

Parallel NetCDF with the hydrological model ParFlow - Testing, scaling and implementation

May, 3

William McDoniel, Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science (AICES), RWTH Aachen

DSMC Simulation of Io's Plumes and Atmosphere

May, 17Stefan Krieg-Venninghaus, SimLab Nuclear & Particle Physics
May, 31

Thomas Müller, SimLab Molecular Systems

Discretization Techniques in Quantum Chemistry

Jun, 14

Khaldoon Ghanem, computational science division

Stochastic Sampling Method: Analytic Continuation of Quantum Monte Carlo Data

Jun, 28Jan Winkelmann, Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science (AICES), RWTH Aachen and SimLab Ab Initio Methods
Sep, 6Madita Nocon and Dennis Willsch, Research Group "Quantum Information Processing"
Sep, 20Michael Schlottke-Lakemper, SimLab Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids
Oct, 4

Sabine Grießbach, SimLab Climate Science

Preparing for the future: Characterisation of particulates in the upper troposphere / lower stratosphere - A report on ongoing project activity

Oct, 18Wendy Sharples, SimLab Terrestrial Systems
Nov, 15

Nina Elkina, Helmholtz-Institut Jena

Numerical simulation of intense field quantum electrodynamic effects in laser plasma

Nov, 29

Nesreen Hasan, SimLab Nuclear & Particle Physics

Computing the nucleon Dirac radius directly at Q2 = 0

Talks 2015
Dec 8New application support activities with simulation lab involvement: Prep. Access and EoCoEPaul Gibbon & Dirk Brömmel, SimLab Plasma Physics
Nov 24Current high resolution simulations with the WRF RCM and forecasting simulations with the fully coupled TerrSysMPSebastian Knist, SimLab Terrestrial Systems, and Fabian Gasper, IBG-3
Nov 10Towards the simulation of incompressible viscoelastic flows of microstructured liquidsMetin Cakircali, SimLab Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids
Oct 27Inverse transport modeling of volcanic sulfur dioxide emissions using large-scale ensemble simulationsYi Heng, SimLab Climate Science / IEK-8
Oct 13An introductory "vademecum" to HPC tensor algebraEdoardo Di Napoli, Simlab Ab Initio Methods
Sep 29Simulating on the DWave-Two and emulating its behavior on an ordinary computerLukas Hobl, Quantum Information Processing
Sep 15All-atom protein folding simulations in presence of protein crowdersSandipan Mohanty, SimLab Biology
Sep 1Multi-Threaded Construction of Neighbour Lists for Particle Systems in OpenMPRene Halver, SimLab Molecular Systems
Jul 7Lagrangian transport simulations of volcanic sulfur dioxide emissions: impact of meteorological data productsLars Hoffmann, SimLab Climate Science
Jun 23In-situ visualisation of large data setsJens Henrik Göbbert, RWTH/JSC
Jun 9Cosmic Neutrino Background RadiationStephan Dürr, SimLab Nuclear & Particle Physics
May 26Ion acceleration by intense, few-cycle laser pulses with nanodroplets Laura Di Lucchio, Simlab Plasma Physics
May 12Optimization of a Scramjet intake using a global direct method Manuel Kosel, SimLab Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids
Apr 28Markov Models, Clustering, and Protein FoldingJan Meinke, SimLab Biology
Mar 31Performance Analysis of the Climate Model ICONCatrin Meyer, SimLab Climate Science
A Concurrent Coupling Scheme for Reactive Nano- and MesoparticlesViorel Chihaia, Simlab Molecular Systems
Mar 17Land-atmosphere interactions in high-resolution regional climate simulations with the WRF atmospheric modelSebastian Knist, SimLab Terrestrial Systems
Discrete event simulation of a neutron experiment violating Heisenberg's uncertainty relationKristel Michielsen, Quantum Information Processing
Mar 3Dimension reduction methods: Algorithms and ApplicationsYousef Saad
Feb 17First-principles calculations of optical and magnetic properties of II-VI semiconductor clustersSachin Nanavati, Simlab Ab Initio Methods
Magnetically assisted fast ignition for laser-driven fusion energy gainWei-Min Wang, Simlab Plasma Physics
Feb 3Beyond the Standard model matrix elements with the gradient flow: the case of the nucleon electric dipole momentAndrea Shindler, Institute for Nuclear Physics, FZJ
Jan 20Kinetic simulations of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in plasmasBenedikt Steinbusch, Simlab Plasma Physics
Some discussions on inverse problems: formulation, efficient solution and applicationsYi Heng, SimLab Climate Science
Jan 6Simulation of the flow in the human airwaysAndreas Lintermann, SimLab Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids
GSB and JuSER: How they can work togetherAnnika Hagemeier

Talks 2014
Dec 9Studies of Current Current Correlators in Lattice QCDThomas Neuhaus, Quantum Information Processing
Global Modelling of Atmospheric CompositionOlaf Stein, SimLab Climate Science
Nov 25From non-relativistic to relativistic Quantum ChemistryThomas Müller, Simlab Molecular Systems
Nov 11A hybrid discontinuous Galerkin-finite volume method for computational aeroacousticsMichael Schlottke, SimLab Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids
From quarks to hadrons and backStefan Krieg, SimLab Nuclear & Particle Physics
Oct 28Mesh-free formulation of two-dimensional Darwin modelLorenzo Siddi, Simlab Plasma Physics
Porting and Benchmarking of the Finite Element Tookit FEniCSThomas Breuer, Simlab Fluid & Solid Engineering
Oct 14Land-atmosphere interactions in multiscale regional climate simulations with the WRF atmospheric model over the Euro-CORDEX domainSebastian Knist, Simlab Terrestrial Systems
Sept 16Unemployment in computational science: a way out of the crisisGodehard Sutmann, Simlab Molecular Systems
Trajectory Calculations for Volcanic Eruptions: Model Development and Case Thomas Rößler, Simlab Climate Science

Sept 2

GRS, R. 2009

Simulation and Modeling for the Reconstruction of Nerve Fibers in the Brain by 3D Polarized Light ImagingMiriam Menzel, Institut für Neurowissenschaften & Medizin (INM-1)
July 8Delivering High-Impact Computational Science on TitanDr. Tjerk Straatsma, Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facilitiy, National Center for Computational Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
June 24HD(CP)2: High Definition Clouds and Precipitation for Climate PredictionCatrin Meyer, Simlab Climate Science

May 27

R. 406

2nd floor

An Optimized and Scalable Iterative Eigensolver for Sequences of Dense Eigenvalue ProblemsEdoardo Di Napoli, Simlab Ab Initio Methods
Monte Carlo Protein Simulations at the SimLab BiologySandipan Mohanty, Simlab Biology
May 13Space-time parallel simulations of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in magnetised plasmasBenedikt Steinbusch, Simlab Plasma Physics
Concurrent Coupling Methods. Applications to Reactive Shaped-ParticlesViorel Chihaia, Simlab Molecular Systems

Apr 29

R. 406

2nd floor

Image-based systems biology of fungal infectionsProf. Dr. Marc Thilo Figge, Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology, Hans Knöll Institute, Jena
Apr 15CFD simulations with FEniCS, a general purpose flexible Finite Elements libraryPaolo Crosetto, Simlab Fluid & Solid Engineering
Exascaling a Particle-in-Cell codeDirk Brömmel, Simlab Plasma Physics

Apr 1

R. 406

2nd floor

Tracing volcanic aerosol from spaceSabine Grießbach, Simlab Climate Science
Quarks, computers, and all thatStefan Krieg, Simlab Nuclear & Particle Physics
Mar 18Towards fully coupled regional modelling in geosciences with TerrSysMPKlaus Görgen, Simlab Terrestrial Systems
Towards a parallel derivative-free trust-region method for non-linear optimization problemsMike Nicolai, Simlab Fluid & Solid Engineering
Mar 4On protein structure and disorderOlav Zimmermann, Simlab Biology
Topological susceptibility for SU(N) gauge theories on the latticeNesreen Hasan, Simlab Nuclear & Particle Physics
Feb18Theoretic and numerical studies on terahertz radiation sourcesWei-Min Wang, Simlab Plasma Physics
Feb 4Simulation of stratospheric trace gases using a Lagrangian transport schemeCharlotte Hoppe, Simlab Climate Science
Investigating particle simulation performance with MP2CRene Halver, Simlab Molecular Systems
Jan 21Quantum Decoherence Scaling with Bath Size at Infinite TemperatureFengping Jin, Quantum Information Processing
The early evolution of short period binariesChristina Korntreff, Simlab Plasma Physics
Jan 7Large-scale models on brain plasticityMarkus Butz-Ostendorf, Simlab Neuroscience
Talks 2013

Dec 10

Quantum Signatures for Annealing Boards with Ising SpinsThomas Neuhaus
Quantum Information Processing
Quantum Chemistry: What are the Challenges?Thomas Müller, Simlab Molecular Systems
Nov 26Laser-produced attosecond electron bunchesLaura Di Lucchio, Simlab Plasma Physics
Efficient Multigrid methods for high-order Poisson solvers and different boundary conditionsMaya Kletzin, Simlab Molecular Systems

Nov 12

Lattice QCD - strong interactions from first principlesStephan Dürr, Simlab Nuclear & Particle Physics
Analyzing high-dimensional Data with GPUMAFIAJan Meinke, Simlab Biology
Oct 29CFD-based simulations of blood flow and blood cell behavior for biomedical applicationsMehdi Behbahani, FH Aachen, Campus Jülich
Oct 15Observations and Modelling of Stratospheric Gravity WavesLars Hoffman, Simlab Climate Science
Status and plans of the SimLab Plasma PhysicsPaul Gibbon, Simlab Plasma Physics
Jun 11Kinetic and gyro-kinetic simulations of shear flow instabilities in magnetized plasmasRichard D. Sydora
Mar 26Thermal anisotropy-driven Weibel instability in expanding plasma: Experimental observations and PIC simulation results Mark E. Dieckman
Mar 19TBAAlexandru Calotoiu


Unraveling and eliminating dissipation mechanisms,in contacts between polymer-bearing surfacesSissi De Beer
TBATBAMykola Prodanov
Talks 2012
Dec 11RedoxSQE - Redox reactions with empirical potentialsWolf Dapp
Nov 20What have your movie preferences to do with pinned rough surfaces?Peter Grassberger
Nov 6DEEP: Project & Cluster

Jochen Kreutz

Estela Suarez

Oct 16Theoretical and numerical studies of laser-plasma ion acceleration and mitigation of Rayleigh-Taylor instability in inertial confinement fusionLaura Di Lucchio
Oct 2Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems in Hemodynamics: Parallel Solvers, Preconditioners, and ApplicationsPaolo Crosetto
Aug 14UNICORE for DummiesValentina Huber (FSD)
Jul 10A Finite Element Method for Spatially Resolved Simulation of Packed Bed ChromatographyAndreas Püttmann (IBG-1)
Jul 3Aerodynamische Hilfsmittel in der Formel 1Mike Nicolai
Jun 26Computational biomedicine: neurodegenerative diseaseGiulia Rossetti
Jun 12A 6-year record of volcanic ash detectionSabine Grießbach
May 15High Performance Computing and Simulation in Terrestrial Systems (SimLab TerrSys)Prof. Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen (IBG-3)
May 83D modelling of root water uptakeNatalie Schröder
Apr 24Visualisation tools: intro and tour of demosHerwig Zilken
Apr 17CLAMS/MessyCharlotte Hoppe
Mar 27HPC goes Win95Dirk Brömmel
Mar 20Dynamics of binary stars in gasChristina Hövel
Mar 6Strongly coupled clustersMathias Winkel
Feb 21Particle-Based Multiscale Coupling of FluidsUliana Alekseeva
Feb 14Implementation and Validation of the KES Turbulence Model with the Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element MethodMichael Schlottke
Jan 31The DWAVE quantum computerThomas Neuhaus
Talks 2011
Oct 25Clouds and aerosol in infrared radiative transfer calculations for the analysis of satellite observationsSabine Grießbach
Sep 6Highly-parallel Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics modelling of protoplanetary discsAndreas Breslau
Jul 26The Darwin model: beyond Coulomb but not quite MaxwellPaul Gibbon
Jul 19Rotation - Implications in Particle SimulationsViorel Chihaia
Jul 12Two-stage process in the formation of the field binary populationChristina Hövel
Jun 14Shape optimization for fluids using stabilized Finite Elements and T-Splines in a tandemMike Nicolai
May 24Dynamics of Nano-Scale MagnetsFengping Jin
May 9 + 10Performance Analysis & Tools CourseBernd Mohr
Apr 12Statistical Properties of Solutions in Random Three SatisfiabilityThomas Neuhaus
Mar 22Inverse Methods for Atmospheric SoundingLars Hoffmann
Feb 22Pushing The Limits: FMM Parallelization and Compression StrategiesIvo Kabadshow
Feb 15Introduction to the Help-Desk SystemWolfgang Frings
Talks 2010
Dec 21ParaView Tutorial Herwig Zilken,
Marlene Busch
Nov 30MP2C on GPUsLidia Westphal
Nov 9Web RelaunchSabine Höfler-Thierfeldt
Nov 3Protein Folding (Chernogolovka Seminar)Sandipan Mohanty
Oct 263-Satisfiability and Quantum Adiabatic ComputationMarkus Peschina
Oct 12Publications Database: New Features and FeedbackMaya Kletzin
Jul 6Conference Reports: CCP Trondheim, SciPy, Gauss (Leipzig)René Halver,
Jan Meinke,
Godehard Sutmann
Jun 29Publications DatabaseMaya Kletzin
Jun 22Scientific PythonJan Meinke
Jun 8Workshop planning meetingSimLabs
May 4PGI AcceleratorJan Meinke
Apr 20Multiparticle SimulationsSandipan Mohanty
Mar 23Lattice QCD: What, Why and How?Stephan Dürr
Mar 9Conference Report: Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (SIAM'10), SeattleRobert Speck
Feb 9SRD on CELL/BE using CellSs - An HPC-Europa2 Project at BSCAnnika Schiller
Feb 2An Automatic Validation System Configured for Fusion Simulation CodesAndreas Galonska
Jan 26Unsolved Problems in Quantum Adiabatic ComputationThomas Neuhaus