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Seminar Talks

Talks held and planned by CS staff members (and occasionally visitors) as part of our regular division meeting. These are typically informal 'snapshots' of ongoing work, or reports on recent conferences and workshops.

Time: Tuesdays 10:30

Place: Rotunde

Talks 2015
Nov 10TBAGiulia Rossetti, SimLab Biology
TBASimLab Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids
Oct 26TBASimLab Plasma Physics
TBALars Hoffmann, SimLab Climate Science
Oct 13TBAGuest Talk
Sep 29TBALukas Poorthuis, SimLab Terrestrial Systems
TBALukas Hobl, Quantum Information Processing
Sep 15TBAOlav Zimmermann, SimLab Biology
TBASabine Grieβbach, SimLab Climate Science
Sep 1TBASimLab Molecular Systems
TBASimLab Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids
Jul 7TBAFengping Jin, Quantum Information Processing
TBADirk Brömmel, Simlab Plasma Physics
Jun 23TBAGuest Talk
Jun 9TBAStephan Dürr, SimLab Nuclear & Particle Physics
May 26TBAEdoardo Di Napoli, Simlab Ab Initio Methods
May 12Optimization of a Scramjet intake using a global direct method Manuel Kosel, SimLab Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids
Apr 28Markov Models, Clustering, and Protein FoldingJan Meinke, SimLab Biology
Mar 31Performance Analysis of the Climate Model ICONCatrin Meyer, SimLab Climate Science
A Concurrent Coupling Scheme for Reactive Nano- and MesoparticlesViorel Chihaia, Simlab Molecular Systems
Mar 17Land-atmosphere interactions in high-resolution regional climate simulations with the WRF atmospheric modelSebastian Knist, SimLab Terrestrial Systems
Discrete event simulation of a neutron experiment violating Heisenberg's uncertainty relationKristel Michielsen, Quantum Information Processing
Mar 3Dimension reduction methods: Algorithms and ApplicationsYousef Saad
Feb 17First-principles calculations of optical and magnetic properties of II-VI semiconductor clustersSachin Nanavati, Simlab Ab Initio Methods
Magnetically assisted fast ignition for laser-driven fusion energy gainWei-Min Wang, Simlab Plasma Physics
Feb 3Beyond the Standard model matrix elements with the gradient flow: the case of the nucleon electric dipole momentAndrea Shindler, Institute for Nuclear Physics, FZJ
Jan 20Kinetic simulations of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in plasmasBenedikt Steinbusch, Simlab Plasma Physics
Some discussions on inverse problems: formulation, efficient solution and applicationsYi Heng, SimLab Climate Science
Jan 6Simulation of the flow in the human airwaysAndreas Lintermann, SimLab Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids
GSB and JuSER: How they can work togetherAnnika Hagemeier

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