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Seminar Talks

Talks held and planned by CS staff members (and occasionally visitors) as part of our regular division meeting. These are typically informal 'snapshots' of ongoing work, or reports on recent conferences and workshops.

Time: Tuesdays 10:30

Place: Rotunde

Talks 2014
Nov 11TBAGiulia Rossetti, Simlab Biology

Oct 28

TBALorenzo Siddi, Simlab Plasma Physics
Towards scaling and profiling of the finite element toolkit FEniCSThomas Breuer, Simlab Fluid & Solid Engineering
Oct 14TBAKristel Michielsen, Quantum Information Processings
TBAMichael Schlottke, Simlab Fluid & Solid Engineering

Sept 30

GRS, R. 2009

TBASebastian Knist, Simlab Terrestrial Systems

Sept 16

Unemployment in computational science: a way out of the crisisGodehard Sutmann, Simlab Molecular Systems
Trajectory Calculations for Volcanic Eruptions: Model Development and Case Thomas Rößler, Simlab Climate Science

Sept 2

GRS, R. 2009

Simulation and Modeling for the Reconstruction of Nerve Fibers in the Brain by 3D Polarized Light ImagingMiriam Menzel, Institut für Neurowissenschaften & Medizin (INM-1)
July 8Delivering High-Impact Computational Science on TitanDr. Tjerk Straatsma, Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facilitiy, National Center for Computational Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
June 24HD(CP)2: High Definition Clouds and Precipitation for Climate PredictionCatrin Meyer, Simlab Climate Science

May 27

R. 406

2nd floor

An Optimized and Scalable Iterative Eigensolver for Sequences of Dense Eigenvalue ProblemsEdoardo Di Napoli, Simlab Ab Initio Methods
Monte Carlo Protein Simulations at the SimLab BiologySandipan Mohanty, Simlab Biology
May 13Space-time parallel simulations of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in magnetised plasmasBenedikt Steinbusch, Simlab Plasma Physics
Concurrent Coupling Methods. Applications to Reactive Shaped-ParticlesViorel Chihaia, Simlab Molecular Systems

Apr 29

R. 406

2nd floor

Image-based systems biology of fungal infectionsProf. Dr. Marc Thilo Figge, Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology, Hans Knöll Institute, Jena
Apr 15CFD simulations with FEniCS, a general purpose flexible Finite Elements libraryPaolo Crosetto, Simlab Fluid & Solid Engineering
Exascaling a Particle-in-Cell codeDirk Brömmel, Simlab Plasma Physics

Apr 1

R. 406

2nd floor

Tracing volcanic aerosol from spaceSabine Grießbach, Simlab Climate Science
Quarks, computers, and all thatStefan Krieg, Simlab Nuclear & Particle Physics
Mar 18Towards fully coupled regional modelling in geosciences with TerrSysMPKlaus Görgen, Simlab Terrestrial Systems
Towards a parallel derivative-free trust-region method for non-linear optimization problemsMike Nicolai, Simlab Fluid & Solid Engineering

Mar 4

On protein structure and disorderOlav Zimmermann, Simlab Biology
Topological susceptibility for SU(N) gauge theories on the latticeNesreen Hasan, Simlab Nuclear & Particle Physics


Theoretic and numerical studies on terahertz radiation sourcesWei-Min Wang, Simlab Plasma Physics

Feb 4

Simulation of stratospheric trace gases using a Lagrangian transport schemeCharlotte Hoppe, Simlab Climate Science
Investigating particle simulation performance with MP2CRene Halver, Simlab Molecular Systems

Jan 21

Quantum Decoherence Scaling with Bath Size at Infinite TemperatureFengping Jin, Quantum Information Processing
The early evolution of short period binariesChristina Korntreff, Simlab Plasma Physics
Jan 7Large-scale models on brain plasticityMarkus Butz-Ostendorf, Simlab Neuroscience

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