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Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS)

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Research and Projects

Research Activities

The research activities of the Simulation Laboratory cover these areas:

  • climate modelling and numerical weather prediction
  • data analysis of satellite measurements
  • inverse modelling and data assimilation
  • modelling of atmospheric radiative transfer
  • high-performance computing
  • scientific visualization

For specific topics please see our publication list.

Third-Party Projects

We are currently associated with these projects:

  • BMBF initiative "High-definition Clouds and Precipitation - HD(CP)2"
  • NSF program "EarthScope": "Study of the spatial and temporal distribution of atmospheric gravity waves using pressure data from the dense USArray Transportable Array"

We contributed to these projects:

  • NASA program "The Science of Terra and Aqua": "Quantifying Gravity Wave Effects on Climate Using High-Resolution Aqua Observations"
  • G8 ESC project: "Enabling Climate Simulations at Extreme Scale"
  • ESA study: "PREMIER - Consolidation of Requirements and Synergistic Retrieval Algorithms"
  • Research cluster "The Reacting Atmosphere - Understanding and Management for Future Generations"