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Developed in-house and maintained

The following is a list of software and numerical libraries developed and maintained in-house by the SLQM team.

  • Numerical linear algebra libraries (JuNLib)

    • ChASE: Chebyshev Accelerated Subspace iteration Eigensolver.
      It is a modern interpretation of the original algorithm proposed by Rutishauser in 1969. The library contains algorithmic improvements, such as an optimization scheme for the polynomial degree and a precise estimate for the filter bounds, and targets modern heterogeneous computing platforms.
      Contact: E. Di Napoli
    • PAID: Parallel Adaptive Integration in two Dimensions.
      Library for adaptive integration based on Clenshaw-Curtis method parallelized for shared memory platforms.
      Contact: J. Winkelmann
  • Simulation Software

    • KKRnano.
      A simulation code based on the Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker tailored to nanoelectronic simulations which scales linearly with the number of atoms.
      Contact: P. Baumeister


The following is a list of the simulation software supported by the SLQM team.