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Photos of JSC staff

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Photo Dr. Damian Alvarez Mallon

Dr. Damian Alvarez Mallon

Photo Sander Apweiler

Sander Apweiler

Photo Dr. Lukas Arnold

Dr. Lukas Arnold

Photo Dr. Norbert Attig

Dr. Norbert Attig

Photo Uta Banken

Uta Banken

Photo Dr. Paul F. Baumeister

Dr. Paul F. Baumeister

Photo Andreas Beckmann

Andreas Beckmann

Photo Alexander Belt

Alexander Belt

Photo Dr. Florian Berberich

Dr. Florian Berberich

Photo Christian Bodenstein

Christian Bodenstein

Photo Jana Boltersdorf

Jana Boltersdorf

Photo Dr. Maik Boltes

Dr. Maik Boltes

Photo Thomas Breuer

Thomas Breuer

Photo Dr. Dirk Brömmel

Dr. Dirk Brömmel

Photo Oliver Bücker

Oliver Bücker

Photo Metin Cakircali

Metin Cakircali

Photo Shuchao Cao

Shuchao Cao

Photo Dr. Mohcine Chraibi

Dr. Mohcine Chraibi

Photo Hans-Joachim Cousin

Hans-Joachim Cousin

Photo Dr. Holger Dachsel

Dr. Holger Dachsel

Photo Nadine Daivandy

Nadine Daivandy

Photo Rajalekshmi Deepu

Rajalekshmi Deepu

Photo Ulrich Detert

Ulrich Detert

Photo Sandra Diaz

Sandra Diaz

Photo Dr. Edoardo di Napoli

Dr. Edoardo di Napoli

Photo Jutta Docter

Jutta Docter

Photo Christa Dohmen

Christa Dohmen

Photo Günter Dresia

Günter Dresia

Photo Kevin Drzycimski

Kevin Drzycimski

Photo Dr. Stephan Durr

Dr. Stephan Durr

Photo Manfred Eckers

Manfred Eckers

Photo Günter Egerer

Günter Egerer

Photo Prof. Dr. Norbert Eicker

Prof. Dr. Norbert Eicker

Photo Dr. Thomas Eickermann

Dr. Thomas Eickermann

Photo Salem El Sayed Mohamed

Salem El Sayed Mohamed

Photo Dr. Jochen Eppler

Dr. Jochen Eppler

Photo Marc Fehling

Marc Fehling

Photo Christian Feld

Christian Feld

Photo Dr. Thomas Fieseler

Dr. Thomas Fieseler

Photo Dr. Hartmut Fischer

Dr. Hartmut Fischer

Photo Ulrike Frings

Ulrike Frings

Photo Wolfgang Frings

Wolfgang Frings

Photo Andreas Galonska

Andreas Galonska

Photo Dr. Markus Geimer

Dr. Markus Geimer

Photo Khaldoon Ghanem

Khaldoon Ghanem

Photo Prof. Dr. Paul Gibbon

Prof. Dr. Paul Gibbon

Photo André Giesler

André Giesler

Photo Jens Henrik Göbbert

Jens Henrik Göbbert

Photo Dr. Klaus Görgen

Dr. Klaus Görgen

Photo Markus Götz

Markus Götz

Photo Steffen Graber

Steffen Graber

Photo Arne Graf

Arne Graf

Photo Stephan Graf

Stephan Graf

Photo Dr. Eric Gregory

Dr. Eric Gregory

Photo Dr. Sabine Grießbach

Dr. Sabine Grießbach

Photo Prof. Dr. Johannes Grotendorst

Prof. Dr. Johannes Grotendorst

Photo Egon Grünter

Egon Grünter

Photo Sonja Habbinga

Sonja Habbinga

Photo David Haensel

David Haensel

Photo Annika Hagemeier

Annika Hagemeier

Photo Björn Hagemeier

Björn Hagemeier

Photo Rene Halver

Rene Halver

PhotoMarc-André Hermanns

Marc-André Hermanns

Photo Beate Herrmann

Beate Herrmann

Photo Dr. Andreas Herten

Dr. Andreas Herten

Photo Miriam Hinzen

Miriam Hinzen

Photo Dr. Sabine Höfler-Thierfeldt

Dr. Sabine Höfler-Thierfeldt

Photo Dr. Lars Hoffmann

Dr. Lars Hoffmann

Photo Stefan Holl

Stefan Holl

Photo Willi Homberg

Willi Homberg

Photo Prof. Dr. Friedel Hoßfeld

Prof. Dr. Friedel Hoßfeld

Photo Valentina Huber

Valentina Huber

Photo Dr. Florian Janetzko

Dr. Florian Janetzko

Photo Stefanie Janetzko

Stefanie Janetzko

Photo Prof. Paul Jansen

Prof. Paul Jansen

Photo Dr. Fengping Jin

Dr. Fengping Jin

Photo Julia Kämpfer

Julia Kämpfer

Photo Georg Kamps

Georg Kamps

Photo Martina Kamps

Martina Kamps

Photo Carsten Karbach

Carsten Karbach

Photo Dr. Taichi Kawanai

Dr. Taichi Kawanai

Photo Dr. Andreas Kleefeld

Dr. Andreas Kleefeld

Photo Wouter Klijn

Wouter Klijn

Photo Michael Knobloch

Michael Knobloch

Photo Dr. Erik Koch

Dr. Erik Koch

Photo Dr. Bernd Körfgen

Dr. Bernd Körfgen

Photo Rainer Kofahl

Rainer Kofahl

Photo Theodoros Stylianos Kondylis

Theodoros Stylianos Kondylis

Photo Renate Koschmieder

Renate Koschmieder

Photo Manuel Kosel

Manuel Kosel

Photo Dr. Dorian Krause

Dr. Dorian Krause

Photo Jochen Kreutz

Jochen Kreutz

Photo Tim Kreuzer

Tim Kreuzer

Photo Dr. Stefan Krieg

Dr. Stefan Krieg

Photo Ketan Kulkarni

Ketan Kulkarni

Photo Sebastian Linner

Sebastian Linner

PhotoDr. Andreas Lintermann

Dr. Andreas Lintermann

Photo Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Lippert

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Lippert

Photo Martin Lischewski

Martin Lischewski

Photo Anna Lührs

Anna Lührs

Photo Sebastian Lührs

Sebastian Lührs

Photo Ilona Lütje

Ilona Lütje

Photo Simon Mages

Simon Mages

Photo Daniel Mallmann

Daniel Mallmann

Photo Ralf Malzkorn

Ralf Malzkorn

Photo Cristina Manzano

Cristina Manzano

Photo Monika Marx

Monika Marx

Photo Markus Meier

Markus Meier

Photo Dr. Jan Meinke

Dr. Jan Meinke

Photo Daniela Meister

Daniela Meister

Photo Ahmed Shiraz Memon

Ahmed Shiraz Memon

Photo Mohammad Shahbaz Memon

Mohammad Shahbaz Memon

Photo Dr. Catrin Meyer

Dr. Catrin Meyer

Photo Prof. Dr. Kristel Michielsen

Prof. Dr. Kristel Michielsen

Photo Dr. Sandipan Mohanty

Dr. Sandipan Mohanty

Photo Dr. Bernd Mohr

Dr. Bernd Mohr

Photo Eva Mohr

Eva Mohr

Photo Dr. Frank Mohr

Dr. Frank Mohr

Photo Otmar Monius

Otmar Monius

Photo Dieter Moser

Dieter Moser

Photo Andreas Müller

Andreas Müller

Photo Dr. Thomas Müller

Dr. Thomas Müller

Photo Birgit Naun

Birgit Naun

Photo Matthias Nicolai

Matthias Nicolai

Photo Ralph Niederberger

Ralph Niederberger

Photo Dr. Alan O'Cais

Dr. Alan O'Cais

Photo Helga Offergeld

Helga Offergeld

Photo Monika Ollech

Monika Ollech

Photo Dr. Boris Orth

Dr. Boris Orth

Photo Chrysovalantis Paschoulas

Chrysovalantis Paschoulas

Photo Rita Peters

Rita Peters

Photo Maria Petrova-El Sayed

Maria Petrova-El Sayed

Photo Dr. Alexander Peyser

Dr. Alexander Peyser

Photo Meredith Peyser

Meredith Peyser

Photo Thomas Plaga

Thomas Plaga

Photo Prof. Dr. Dirk Pleiter

Prof. Dr. Dirk Pleiter

Photo Dimitri Plotnikov

Dimitri Plotnikov

Photo Lukas Poorthuis

Lukas Poorthuis

Photo Gabriele Porschen

Gabriele Porschen

Photo Dr. Maria Ramalho

Dr. Maria Ramalho

Photo Michael Rambadt

Michael Rambadt

Photo Anke Reinartz

Anke Reinartz

Photo Matthias Richerzhagen

Matthias Richerzhagen

Photo Dr. Marcus Richter

Dr. Marcus Richter

Photo Prof. Dr. Morris Riedel

Prof. Dr. Morris Riedel

Photo Thomas Rößler

Thomas Rößler

Photo Mathilde Romberg

Mathilde Romberg

Photo Dr. Jedrzej Rybicki

Dr. Jedrzej Rybicki

Photo Dr. Saltanat Sadykova

Dr. Saltanat Sadykova

Photo Rajveer Saini

Rajveer Saini

Photo Daniel Salden

Daniel Salden

Photo Dr. Pavel Saviankou

Dr. Pavel Saviankou

Photo Bettina Scheid

Bettina Scheid

Photo Georg Schilling

Georg Schilling

Photo Michael-Lakemper

Michael Schlottke-Lakemper

Photo Marc Schlütter

Marc Schlütter

Photo Oliver Schmidts

Oliver Schmidts

Photo Ria Schmitz

Ria Schmitz

Photo Thomas Schmühl

Thomas Schmühl

Photo Dr. Alexander Schnurpfeil

Dr. Alexander Schnurpfeil

Photo Ruth Schöbel

Ruth Schöbel

Photo Benjamin Schröder

Benjamin Schröder

Photo Dr. Bernd Schuller

Dr. Bernd Schuller

Photo Dr. Helmut Schumacher

Dr. Helmut Schumacher

Photo Jette Schumann

Jette Schumann

Photo Martin Sczimarowsky

Martin Sczimarowsky

Photo Anne Severt

Anne Severt

Photo Prof. Dr. Armin Seyfried

Prof. Dr. Armin Seyfried

Photo Dr. Wendy Sharples

Dr. Wendy Sharples

Photo Dr. Robert Speck

Dr. Robert Speck

Photo Dr. Olaf Stein

Dr. Olaf Stein

Photo Benedikt Steinbusch

Benedikt Steinbusch

Photo Dr. Michael Stephan

Dr. Michael Stephan

Photo Dr. Alexandre Strube

Dr. Alexandre Strube

Photo Dr. Estela Suarez

Dr. Estela Suarez

Photo Dr. Godehard Sutmann

Dr. Godehard Sutmann

Photo Prof. Dr. Kalman Szabo

Prof. Dr. Kalman Szabo

Photo Veronica Teodor

Veronica Teodor

Photo Philipp Thörnig

Philipp Thörnig

Photo Dr. Kay Thust

Dr. Kay Thust

Photo Dr. Antoine Tordeux

Dr. Antoine Tordeux

Photo Guido Trensch

Guido Trensch

Photo Oleg Tsigenov

Oleg Tsigenov

Photo Bastian Tweddell

Bastian Tweddell

Photo Marga Vaeßen

Marga Vaeßen

Photo Julia Valder

Julia Valder

Photo Nicolas Vandenbergen

Nicolas Vandenbergen

Photo Anke Visser

Anke Visser

Photo Benedikt von St. Vieth

Benedikt von St. Vieth

Photo Sabine Werner

Sabine Werner

Photo Anna Wolf

Anna Wolf

Photo Lothar Wollschläger

Lothar Wollschläger

Photo Dr. Xue Wu

Dr. Xue Wu

Photo My Linh Würzburger

My Linh Würzburger

Photo Dr. Brian Wylie

Dr. Brian Wylie

Photo Dr.-Ing. Jun Zhang

Dr.-Ing. Jun Zhang

Photo Ilya Zhukov

Ilya Zhukov

Photo Verena Ziemer

Verena Ziemer

Photo Dr. Herwig Zilken

Dr. Herwig Zilken

Photo Dr. Olav Zimmermann

Dr. Olav Zimmermann

Photo Anke Zitz

Anke Zitz