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Quantum Computing - myths and trues

Talk within the Guest Student Colloquium on 5 October 2017 by Ingolf Wittmann (IBM)


IBM is building the worlds first universal quantum computers IBM Q for business and science. We are offering access to a real quantum computer via our cloud platform for everybody, this is known as the IBM quantum experience. On this platform the quantum computer consists of 5 qubits at the moment, whereas a simulator allows to program quantum algorithms for up to 17 qubits.

To program the IBM Q system IBM has defined a quantum assembly language from feedback from the community, called OPENQASM, and IBM will soon be adding a full high-level SDK to enable the rapid development of quantum algorithms, like life science, medicine and material sciences, supply chain and logistics, financial services, to artificial intelligence.

The presentation will show the current state of technology regarding IBM Q including programming models and use case scenarios especially in regards of molecular research within life science and medical environemnts.


Ingolf Wittmann was finishing university with a master in computer science and business administration and starting his professional career as Unix system engineer at Nixdorf. In 1990 he joined IBM starting as AIX marketeer following the IBM classical career as Unix sales representative, solutions sales manager, and different national and international technical director positions. Ingolf is now the Technical Director and CTO & Leader of HPC for IBM Europe.

He was writing books about AIX 4 and AIX 5L and is a regular IBM speaker for press and analysts regarding IT trends, technology and Open Source. Since 2007 Ingolf is the chairman of the department "IT Infrastructure & Digital Office" in the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM).