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Guest Student Programme on Scientific Computing

from 1 August to 7 October 2016

In order to give students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with various aspects of scientific computing as early as possible, the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) is once again organizing a programme for guest students in the 2016 summer vacation. The programme is supported by CECAM - Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire. It targets students of science and engineering, computer science and mathematics who have already completed their first degree but have not yet finished their master's course.

The programme will run for ten weeks from 1 August to 7 October 2016. The students will be able to use the supercomputers at JSC, including the new JURECA installation. They should naturally be familiar with computer-oriented areas of their subjects. The programme will be held in English, applications should be submitted in English or German can be submitted online soon through 31 March 2016.

Further information can be found under Current Announcement .

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"A very challenging experience, shaped my future plans for research" (Ricardo Kennedy, London)

"Profitable programme with interesting people -- would definitely apply again" (Stefan Maintz, Aachen)

"Experienced modern-research first-hand, during this most productive and worthwhile summer of my life" (Stilianos Louca, Jena)

"Sehr lehrreiches, interessantes Programm und eine schöne Zeit, an die ich mich gerne erinnere" (Christoph Honisch, Münster)