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JSC offers a data archive service based on TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) which was formerly known as ADSM (ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager) to the users of the HPC and cluster systems at JSC, and UNIX workstations and Windows PCs within JuNet.

In contrast to the data backup service, assigned to systems, the data archive service is asigned to a person. The personal data archive can be used from more than one system. Besides the personal data archive there is a long term data archive for data from organizations and/or projects e.g. data from experiments. Archiving of data has to be initiated by the user explicitly. Each time a file is archived a copy is written into archive storage. A description can be assigned to the archive data that helps to identify the data later on. The number of copies is not limited; old versions are never deleted automatically.

If confidential or sensitive data has to be archived the user has to take reponsibility for data encryption (IT Security Rules for Baseline Protection, Rule D4).

For data protection a backup copy of the archive data is stored at the TSM server of the RWTH-Aachen.


To register for the archive service fill out the

Archive Registration Form

and send it to TSM Archive management at JSC.

Download and install

Users on the HPC systems JUQUEEEN, JUROPA, JUDGE, and the cluster systems at JSC , don't need to install any client software to use TSM archive functions.

PC and workstation users connected to JuNet using Windows, Linux, or UNIX must

download and install

the appropriate TSM client on the system before the TSM archive functions can be used unless TSM is already installed for backup functions where only an additional configuration has to take place (see FAQ).


For more information about data archive with TSM refer to the JSC (in German) documentation:

Archivierung mit TSM/ADSM, TKI-0261, PDF (130 kB)

or vendor documentation:

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Information Centers