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Interactive Job Execution (llrun)

While developing applications it may be necessary to execute a job under interactive control. llrun creates and submits a LoadLeveler job under the direct control of the user's shell.

llrun [<llrun_options>] [<mpirun_options>] <executable>

llrun replaces mpirun and can be used with the same command line options like mpirun.

llrun optionsDefinition
-h | -?provides this extended help information
-Bsubmit batch job
-w <hh:mm:ss>submit job with wallclock limit (Default: 00:30:00)
-o <filename>do not run/submit job but save to file
-qcancel if job can't be started within 60 sec.
-tvstart totalview debugging
mpirun optionsDefinition
-version Display version information
-partition <partition_id> ID of the partition to run the job on
-np <nodes|ranks> For dynamic partitions, the number of compute nodes to allocate for the job
For static partitions, the number of mpi ranks to use for the job
-mode <SMP|DUAL|VN> Execution mode, either SMP, DUAL, or Virtual Node mode.
Default is SMP
-exe <binary> Full path to the binary to execute
-cwd <path> Current working directory of the job, as seen by the compute nodes, can also use -wdir
-host <service_node_host>
Hostname of the service node
-port <service_node_port> Port of the mpirun server on the service node
-env <env=val> Environment variable that should be set
-exp_env <env>
Environment variable in the current environment to export
-env_all Export all current enviorment variables to the job environment
-mapfile <mapfile|mapping>mapfile contains a user specified MPI topology, mapfile contains a user specified MPI topology, mapping is a permutation of XYZT
-args <"<arguments>"> Arguments to pass to the job, must be enclosed in double quotes
-timeout <seconds> The limit of the job execution time
-start_gdbserver <path> Start gdbserver for the job, must specify path to gdbserver
-start_tool <path>Start a tool daemon for the job, mutually exclusive with the -start_gdbserver argument
-tool_args <args>
Arguments to pass to the tool daemon, must provide the -start_tool argument
-label Add labels (STDOUT, STDERR, and MPI rank) to the job output
-nw Return mpirun job cycle status instead of job exit status
-nofree Do not deallocate the partition if mpirun allocated it
-free <wait|nowait> Free the partition specified by -partition, no job will be run
-noallocate Do not allocate the partition, the job will only start if the partition was already INITIALIZED or CONFIGURING
Reboot all compute nodes of the specified partition before running the job, the partition must be INITIALIZED prior to rebooting
-boot_options <options> Low level options used when booting a partition
-verbose <0|1|2|3|4>Verbosity level, default is 0
-trace <0-7>

Trace level, output is sent to a file in the current working directory.

Default level is 0

-reboot Reboot all compute nodes of the specified partition before running the job, the partition must be INITIALIZED prior to rebooting
-only_test_protocolTest the mpirun frontend to backend communication, no job will be run
-strace <all|none|n>Enable syscall trace for all, none, or node with MPI rank n
-shape <XxYxZ> Shape of job in XxYxZ format, if not specified you must use -partition or -np
-psets_per_bp <n> Number of psets per base partition required in the partition.
-connect <TORUS|MESH>Compute node connections, default is MESH.
-enable_tty_reporting Disables the default line buffering of stdin, stdout, and stderr
when input (stdin) or output (stdout/stderr) is not a tty.
-config <path> Specify mpirun config file path