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A tool to measure execution time and to generate timing statistics


Jutime is a library written in C which provides routines to measure the time spend in parts of applications. For each part of the code which executions should be measured a timer can be defined. After its definition a timer is started as soon as the program enters a certain region. Once the region is finished the timer is stopped. This starting and stopping can be done as often as necessary and the total elapsed time during which the times was active is summed up.

For example, each time before an application does I/O a timer, e.g. 'io' is started (the names of times can be chosed by the user). Once the I/O is finished the timer is stopped again. If the application (as most applications do) does I/O several times at several locations in the code, the corresponding time ist started and stopped each time and the total elapsed time for I/O will be summed up. Any time during the code execution values of all timers can be queried and a timing statistics can be printed.

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