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f90depend is a tool that scans Fortran 90/95 source code files and determines build dependencies that are introduced by INCLUDE statements and the usage of modules. It can be used in three different ways:

  1. Creating dependencies in makefiles
    Build dependencies may be written to a makefile in such a way that the make command can determine which source files must be recompiled when a include file or an entity in a module has changed. Furthermore, make can find out an appropriate compilation order for all source files from the dependency information.
  2. Automatic makefile generation
    f90depend may be used to automatically create a simple makefile for compiling the source files, and linking the resulting object files into an executable program.
  3. Finding appropriate compilation orders for source files
    Instead of writing the dependency information to a makefile, f90depend also can analyze these dependencies and find out an appropriate compilation order for all source files.

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