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JUVIS is finally switched off since August 2016. The information you find below is outdated!

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Thanks to an additional funding for hardware from the BMBF, we are able to offer a new visualisation service within D-Grid. For the postprocessing and the visualisation of simulation data, we have installed a visualisation cluster with name JUVIS at JSC. In total, JUVIS offers 128 cores and 256 GB of main memory, distributed on 16 compute nodes. To exploit the compute and visualisation resources of the cluster, the parallel visualisation software ParaView is installed. Also the software packages IDL, VMD and Pymol are available. Together with the installed Virtual Network Client (VNC) infracture in combination with VirtualGL, these packages can be used with the remote rendering capability of the cluster. Other visualisation software packages may be installed later upon user request. An overview about the hardware and how to use the system and the ParaView software can be found on the following pages:

Basic Usage of JUVIS:


Other Visualization Software Packages:

On Juvis software is installed at /direct/Software , RPMs like Pymol at /opt