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Scientific Visualization

Visualization is an important tool for analyzing and understanding data. The visualization group at JSC assists users by developing and adapting software tools to meet special needs.


Virtual Reality

In many scientific areas a huge amount of data is generated, e.g. by complex simulations, performed on supercomputers, or by high resolution measurement instruments used in experimental studies.
Whenever the amount of data is very high or the data has a complex 3D-structure, it is of advantage to use special high-end 3D visualisation systems, so called virtual reality (vr) systems. These projection based visualisation systems provide sterescopic image generation and, by means of so called tracking devices, real 3D user interaction. More: Virtual Reality …

Volcanic Aerosol after the Nabro Eruption


Presenting visualized data in an animation or video allows the demonstration of time-dependent effects inside websites, presentations or on TV.For this purpose we provide hard- and software to capture, edit and publish the content.Some of our productions you find under the example link below. More: Multimedia …