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Goals of the HBP Workshop on 'Interactive Supercomputing'

Future large-scale simulations within the Human Brain Project (HBP) running on a next generation, pre-exascale HPC platform will require the possibility for interactive monitoring and control of these simulations. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the functional and performance requirements which a HPC architecture must fulfil in order to be suitable for “interactive supercomputing” in this context. A realisation of such a feature will affect the whole system design and concern hardware architecture, run-time system, modes of operation as well as many other aspects. Starting point will be a discussion of the needs from a user perspective. On this basis the resulting technical requirements will be analysed. Existing solutions and other technical options to meet these requirements will be reviewed.

List of Topics
▪ Requirements of HBP applications
▪ Interactive supercomputing from a user perspective
▪ Concurrent visualisation and run-time monitoring
▪ Run-time steering
▪ Operational models
▪ Data management