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JUQUEEN system


JSC offers computer resources of the highest performance class to its users. With JUQUEEN and JUROPA, it is one of the most powerful computer centres in Europe. More: Supercomputers …

Booth of JSC on ISC 2013


From 12-16 July, JSC will present its supercomputing activities on the ISC15 in Frankfurt/Main. More: JSC@ISC15 …

Foto eines MATSE-Kurses

MATSE training

At JSC, students can be trained to be mathematical-technical software developers and simultaneously take the bachelor study course „Scientific Programming“. More: MATSE training …


Konventionelle und neue Teraherz-Quellen im Vergleich
New Light in Terahertz Window
Jülich, 23rd June 2015 – The terahertz range is one of the last sections of the electromagnetic spectrum that is still rarely used in everyday life. The radiation is difficult to generate and until now this was only possible to a limited extent. Yet it has the potential for numerous applications. In Physical Review Letters, scientists at Jülich together with their international partners present a new concept that uses short-pulse lasers to expand the capabilities of terahertz sources currently being developed.
More: New Light in Terahertz Window …


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Workshop "Computational Solar and Astrophysical Modeling"
This summer school will acquaint young researchers to modern open-source software efforts in solar and astrophysical modeling adapted to High Performance Computing platforms.
More: Workshop "Computational Solar and Astrophysical Modeling" …