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JUQUEEN system


JSC offers computer resources of the highest performance class to its users. With JUQUEEN and JURECA, it is one of the most powerful computer centres in Europe. More: Supercomputers …

Anna Lührs

Anna Lührs about her work at JSC

Anna Lührs is a software developer for the neurosciences. She talks about her work at Jülich Supercomputing Centre. (in German) see video (58 seconds): Anna Lührs about her work at JSC …

SC13 - booth before opening


From 15-20 November 2015, JSC presents its supercomputing activities on the SC'15 in Austin. More: JSC@SC15 …


JURECA supercomputer
The All-Rounder Among Supercomputers
Jülich, 16 November 2015 – “Eureka!” is what Archimedes is supposed to have exclaimed after having made his extraordinary discovery. In reference to this event, the new supercomputer developed by Forschungszentrum Jülich together with the Russian manufacturer T-Platforms and the HPC software and support company ParTec is called JURECA. With its enormous computing power of 2.2 quadrillion operations per second, it is hoped to permit the investigation of complex issues in a multitude of fields.
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4th JLESC Workshop Logo
4th JLESC Workshop
The workshop will gather leading researchers in high-performance computing from the JLESC partners to explore the most recent and critical issues in advancing the field of HPC from petascale to the extreme scale era.
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