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JUQUEEN system


JSC offers computer resources of the highest performance class to its users. With JUQUEEN and JURECA, it is one of the most powerful computer centres in Europe. More: Supercomputers …

SC13 - booth before opening


From 13-18 November 2016, JSC presents its supercomputing activities on the SC'16 in Salt Lake City. More: JSC@SC16 …

Foto eines MATSE-Kurses

MATSE training

At JSC, students can be trained to be mathematical-technical software developers and simultaneously take the bachelor study course „Scientific Programming“. More: MATSE training …


6 Racks: 2 von JULIA, 2 des gemeinsam genutzten Speichersystems, 2 von JURON
Human Brain Project: Pilot Systems for Interactive Supercomputer Launched
Jülich, 28 September 2016 – The Jülich Supercomputing Centre has begun operation of two new pilot systems for an interactive supercomputer. The systems – JULIA, created by Cray, and JURON from IBM and NVIDIA – are specifically designed for applications in the neurosciences. The installation and test phase are part of a special procurement for the European Human Brain Project.
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Banner of the IAS Symposium 2016
IAS-Symposium 2016
The first IAS symposium will take place in Jülich from December 5 to 6, 2016. It is open for all members of the Institute of Advanced Simulation (IAS), in particular for students and young scientists
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