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Apply for computing time now

Scientists can now apply for computing time on the JUQUEEN successor and JURECA for the next computing time period. Deadline for proposals is on 23 February 2018. More: Apply for computing time now …

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Guest student programme 2018

Apply now for the JSC guest student programme running from 6 August to 12 October 2018. Deadline for applications is 25 March 2018. More: Guest student programme 2018 …

Foto eines MATSE-Kurses

MATSE training

At JSC, students can be trained to be mathematical-technical software developers and simultaneously take the bachelor study course „Scientific Programming“. More: MATSE training …


Prof. Dr. Kristel Michielsen vor dem Jülicher Superrechner JUQUEEN
World Record: Quantum Computer with 46 Qubits simulated
Jülich, 15 December - Scientists from the Jülich Supercomputing Centre have set a new world record. Together with researchers from Wuhan University and the University of Groningen, they successfully simulated a quantum computer with 46 qubits for the first time. For their calculations, the scientists used the Jülich supercomputer JUQUEEN as well as the world’s fastest supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight at China’s National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi.
More: World Record: Quantum Computer with 46 Qubits simulated …


NIC Symposium 2018 Emblem
NIC Symposium 2018
The 9th NIC Symposium will give an overview of the activities of the John von Neumann Institute for Computing (NIC) and of the results obtained in the last two years by research groups supported by the NIC.
More: NIC Symposium 2018 …