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JUQUEEN system


JSC offers computer resources of the highest performance class to its users. With JUQUEEN and JURECA, it is one of the most powerful computer centres in Europe. More: Supercomputers …

Bernd Mohr presenting the motto of SC17


From 12-17 November 2017, JSC will present its supercomputing activities on the SC'17 in Denver, Colorado. Bernd Mohr from JSC is General Chair of the conference this year. More: JSC@SC17 …

Foto eines MATSE-Kurses

MATSE training

At JSC, students can be trained to be mathematical-technical software developers and simultaneously take the bachelor study course „Scientific Programming“. More: MATSE training …


Erster Modularer Supercomputer weltweit geht am Forschungszentrum Jülich in Betrieb
First Modular Supercomputer worldwide starts operation
Jülich, 13 November – The second module of JURECA is as large as an entire supercomputer: the booster is accommodated across 33 cabinets in the computer hall. Thanks to the additional 5 petaflop/second - equivalent to 5 billion computing operations per second - the Jülich supercomputer now appears as one of the fastest computers in Europe on the TOP500 list of the fastest computers in the world. Above all, this is the first time that a modular supercomputer has gone into productive operation worldwide.
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SMHB General Assembly 2017
The Helmholtz Portfolio Theme “Supercomputing and Modeling for the Human Brain” (SMHB) invites scientists of the project partners to meet for the project’s annual General Assembly to present the research highlights of the project’s last year and for discussions in smaller focus groups.
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