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Newsletter "JSC News"

"JSC News" is the monthly newsletter of Jülich Supercomputing Centre. It contains announcements of new hardware, software, projects, and events at Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Since the November 2016 issue, "JSC News" can also be sent via e-mail. If you want to subscribe, please send an e-mail without content to and confirm the registration afterwards.

The e-mail version will always be found at the "JSC News" Archive.


JSC News 2018
 JSC News No. 258, May 2018 (PDF, 49 kB) ERC Advanced Grant for Martin Schultz
JSC Contributes to PRACE Project Access
SMITH: Smart Medical Information Technology for Healthcare Project
New GCS Large-Scale Projects in May 2018
Bachelor and Master Courses Renamed
 JSC News No. 257, April 2018 (PDF, 47 kB) Stepwise Decommission of JUQUEEN
Tier-0/1 Resources for Earth System Sciences
POP Project Ends but Impact Continues
HBP Successfully Enters Third Phase
European HPC Summit Week 2018 and PRACEdays18
 JSC News No. 256, March 2018 (PDF, 46 kB) ORPHEUS Project Successfully Finished
Guest Student Programme 2018
Third Big Blue Gene Week
CECAM Events 2018 at Forschungszentrum Jülich
 JSC News No. 255, January 2018 (PDF, 47 kB) JUWELS – Installation of JUQUEEN Successor Started
InHPC-DE Project to Further Integrate the GCS Centres
Calls for Computing Time Applications in January 2018
GCS Large-Scale Projects from November
Martin Schultz among Highly Cited Researchers 2017
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