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Guest Student Programm Teaser Photo

Guest Student Programme 2015

In summer 2015, JSC will again offer a guest student programme supported by CECAM and IBM. In this programme, students majoring in the natural sciences, engineering, computer science or mathematics will be given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with different aspects of scientific computing. The programme will last ten weeks from 3 August to 9 October 2015. The closing date for applications is 31 March 2015. More: Guest Student Programme 2015 …

Neutron und Proton auf der Wage

Theory of the Strong Interaction Verified

Jülich, 27. März 2015 – The fact that the neutron is slightly more massive than the proton is the reason why atomic nuclei have exactly those properties that make our world and ultimately our existence possible. Eighty years after the discovery of the neutron, a team of physicists from France, Germany, and Hungary headed by Zoltán Fodor, a researcher from Wuppertal, has finally calculated the tiny neutron-proton mass difference. The findings are considered a milestone by many physicists and confirm the theory of the strong interaction. More: Theory of the Strong Interaction Verified …