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Das Forschungszentrum ist mit einem Exponat über Computersimulationen vertreten.

Jülich Computer Simulations on Board the MS Wissenschaft

Jülich/Berlin, 6 May 2014 – The MS Wissenschaft exhibition ship set out on its latest journey today to bring research and science to life in a fun, entertaining way, in particular for families and school students. This year’s on-board exhibition focuses on the digital world. One of the exhibits on board the converted inland cargo ship is by Jülich simulation scientists. The exhibit demonstrates how computer simulations can help to prevent dangerous situations at large public events. More: Jülich Computer Simulations on Board the MS Wissenschaft …

Gefieder des Paradiesvogels

The Iridescence of a Bird-of-Paradise

Jülich, 19 March 2014 – For biologists, birds-of-paradise with their dazzling, colourful feathers and their distinctive mating dances have long been a research object of interest. Now, a team of physicists has used computers to simulate the complex optical properties of the neck and breast feathers of the bird-of-paradise Lawes’ parotia. Jülich professor Kristel Michielsen and scientists from the University of Groningen report in the journal PNAS that the results of their simulation are in excellent agreement with previously measured light-scattering patterns and reflectance spectra. More: The Iridescence of a Bird-of-Paradise …