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This division became a separate subinstitute IAS-7 "Civil Safety Research" with own web pages.


In addition to pedestrian dynamics we are increasingly concerned with the modelling of intermodal transport, such as the simulation of large-scale evacuations, and the modelling of mixed traffic, such as the planning of inner city roads.

Large-scale evacuations become more and more important as a result of the growing number of natural and anthropogenic damage situations in metropolitan areas. The correct modelling of multimodal transport is necessary for a reliable prediction of the progress of such an evacuation.

Experiment Bicycle

The traffic in cities is increasingly dominated by bicycles and electric bikes. But the consequences of this development for the safety and comfort on the roads has so far not been adequately investigated. In cooperation with the University of Wuppertal, we have conducted initial laboratory experiments with bicycles. With the results of these experiments, we want to compare different means of transport and support the planning of routes for mixed traffic.


Agent-Based Transport Simulations with MATSim
Grundlagenforschung Fahrradverkehr [German]