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Custom-made biosensors – Accelerating the transition to
a bio-based economy

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Novel tools for the high-throughput engineering of microorganismsSynthetic Cell Factories2015 - 2019
BioLisy - Bioeconomic Lignan Synthesis

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Development of chemo?enzymatic and microbial strategies for the biotechnological
production of lignans
Synthetic Cell Factories2015 - 2017
Helmholtz-Initiative Synthetic

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LinkSynthetic Cell Factories2012 – 2014

BACterial Hosts
for production of
phenolics from
bERRY fruits

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(Project No. FP7- 613793)
LinkSynthetic Cell Factories2013 – 2016
Discovery and microbial
production of natural products
from plants (PNP-EXPRESS)

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Development of
microbial cell
factories for the
production of plant
natural products
Synthetic Cell Factories2014 – 2015
Bacterial protein
production for the
sustainable molecular
conversion of plant
raw materials

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Development and use of biosensors for the optimization of heterologous protein production in Corynebacterium glutamicumBacterial Protein Secretion Group (BPSG)2014 – 2016
Helmholtz Young Investigator group

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Population heterogeneity and signal transduction GroupPopulation heterogeneity and signal transduction Group2011-2016
Spontaneous prophage induction in bacterial populations

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www.spp1617.dePopulation heterogeneity and signal transduction Group2012-2015
Optimierung von Produktionsstämmen am Beispiel der Genomreduktion von Corynebacterium glutamicum

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Reduktion des C. glutamicum Genoms und Konstruktion eines CO2-Assimilierungs-ModulsPopulation heterogeneity and signal transduction Group2011-2014
GLUFACT: Gluconobacter-Factory: Strains and processes for stereoselective oxidative conversion of renewable carbon sources to industrial products

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Development of microbial cell factories for stereoselective oxidative biotransformationsRegulatory Switches and Synthetic Biology2014 – 2016
Systematic consideration of inhomogeneity at the large scale: towards a stringent development of industrial bioprocesses

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Influence of bioreactor inhomogeneity on scale-upMetabolic Regulation and Engineering2013 – 2016
C4 Plant Selective Herbicides (C4-PSH)

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New herbicides with low environmental impactMetabolic Regulation and Engineering2014 – 2015