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We investigate and optimize enzymes and biocatalytic processes for the production of preferably chiral fine chemicals. Therefore we use an integrated engineering approach to tailor enzymes and reactions systems for a desired reaction. We create enzyme toolboxes with the following enzyme classes:

  • Lyases (e.g. Thiamine-diphosphate dependent enzymes, hydroxyl­nitrile lyases, ammonia lyases)
  • Oxidoreductases (e.g. alcohol dehydrogenases and enoate reductases)
  • Transferases (e.g. transaminases)
  • Racemases (e.g. amino acid racemases)

Further, we develop reaction engineering strategies for the application of biocatalysts:

  • new strategies for immobilizations
  • new reactor concepts


The Helmholtz-young investigator group `Synthetic enzyme cascades´ from Dörte Rother investigates strategies for the smart combination of enzymes from enzyme toolboxes. Besides multi-step syntheses with purified enzymes, the potential of synthetic enzyme cascades using whole cell biocatalysts in aqueous as well as in non-conventional media is investigated. Especially the development of ecoefficient process strategies combining high productivity with high atom- and step economy are in focus of the young investigator team.



We develop genetically encoded biosensors for the quantitative metabolite analysis.