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Institute of Bio- and Geosciences

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Lab Equipment and Techniques

Fully motorized NIKON Ti Eclipse
- DUAL Andor Cam System
- C1+ Confocal 4 Laser Setup
- Perfect Focus System
- Wide Field Fluorescence
- DG4 Xenon Light Source
- Intensilight
- Stage up System
- In-house developed Chip Incubator
- Cetoni Nemesys-Modul
- Npi MTC-20/2SD Temperature Control System

Picture of the the microscope NIKON Ti Eclipse

Fully motorized NIKON Ti Eclipse
- Perfect Focus System
- Wide Field Fluorescence
- Stage up System
- PECON Incubator
- Cetoni Nemesys-Modul
- Digital Camera CLARA
- Intensilight

Picture of the mircosope NIKON Ti Eclipse

Nikon Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope SMZ745T
- 115mm working Distance
- EasyLed Ringlicht plus System
- Zooming Range 067-5x
- 2 Megapixel Digital Camera DS-Vi1
- DS-L3 DS Camera Control Unit
- NIS-Elements Software

Plasma Cleaner FEMTO
- Low Pressure Plasma
- Borosilicate glass Vacuum Chamber
- Semi Automatic
- Pirani Vacuum Gauge

Picture of NIKON Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope SMZ745T

Memmert Universal Oven Model UNE 200
- Natural Convection
- Pt100 Sensor DIN Class A in 4-Wire-Circuit
- Self-diagnostics for fault Analysis
- Works Calibration Certificate
- min. 5°C above ambient up to 300°C

Picture of Memmert Universal Oven Model UNE 200

SPIN150 Wafer Spinner NPP
- Max. Substrate Diameter: 160mm
- Speed: 1-10.000 rpm
- Digital Process Controller
- Servo-Controlled Motor

HP30 Digital Hot Plate
- PID Temperature Control Type
- Platinum RTD
- 1°C Readability
- 1-400°C Range

Picture of SPIN150 Wafer Spinner NPP and HP30 Digital Hot Plate