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March 2015Lina Hollmann starts three months internship
February 2015Technical bias of microcultivation environments on single cell physiology: New paper online in Lab on a Chip.!divAbstract
February 2015Ena Žunić studying Electrical Engineering : Environment Engineering at the Hochschule Niederrhein Krefeld starts her 8 months Master project on oxygen control during single cell cultivation.
January 2015Laura Beust completes her apprenticeship in the group and will continue to work in the SenseUp Project team
December 2014The whole Microscale Bioengineering Group wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
November 2014The group hosts a workshop for the International Autumn School on Synthetic Biology on Single Cell Analysis in Microfluidic Devices.
November 2014Alexander Grünberger successfully completes his doctorate by giving a presentation outside of his subject area on Bioregenerative Lebenserhaltungssysteme at the RWTH Aachen University.
November 2014The group hosts the DFG SPP1617 Workshop on Single cells and single molecule analysis.
November 2014Dietrich Kohlheyer is now professor (W1) at RWTH Aachen University at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
November 2014Alexander Grünberger is awarded the BioSC PhD-Competence Award for his excellent performance as a graduate student.
October 2014Abhijeet Singh gives his introductory presentation on the topic of his master thesis Use of a Microfluidic Platform in Combination with Fluorescence Time Lapse Microscopy for Physiology Studies and Controlled Stress Experiments of Soil Associated Bacteria.
October 2014Alexander Grünberger is awarded the Klaus Goerttler Award 2014 at the 24th Annual Conference of the German Society for Cytometry in Dresden for his contribution to the establishment of a novel type of microfluidic single-cell culture system and its first application in fundamental microbiology and applied biotechnology.
October 2014Alexander Grünberger makes a conference contribution on Picoliter Bioreactors: Learning from Single Cells about Large-Scale Bioprocesses at the 24th Annual conference of the German Society for Cytometry in Dresden
October 2014Alexander Grünberger gives a lecture on Single-cell Bioreactors boost Bioprocess Development: New Insights into Cellular Metabolism in a seminar at the Center for Advancing Electronics at the Technical University of Dresden.
September 2014Alexander Grünberger gives a lecture on Picoliter Bioreactors: Learning from Single Cells about Large Scale Processes at the iGEM Meetup in Aachen.
September 2014 Abhijeet Singh studying AgriGenomics at University of Kiel starts his 8 months Master project on single cell physiology analysis of bacteria.
September 2014 Christian Freier and Sophie Weber will stay for several more months in the group as a student assistants during their Master studies.
August 2014Christian Freier Successfully finished his Bachelor thesis entitled „Monitoring and control of dissolved oxygen concentrations in microfluidic single cell analysis”.
July 2014Alex and Christina present their recent results at the EMBL conference on Microfluidics in Heidelberg.
July 2014Sophie Weber successfully defends her Bachelor project on “Optimizing growth performance of Corynebacterium glutamicum at the single-cell level” at University of Applied Sciences Aachen/Jülich.
June 2014Official granting of the two BMBF funded projects “Optosys” and “MIE”.
April 2014Camillie Gautier from École Centrale Lyon, France, starts her 6 months internship on PDMS based valving and pulsing technology.
April 2014Julio Arreola successfully defends his Master Project on “Temperature control in microfluidics for single-cell analysis: development and characterization of thin-film sensors” at University of Applied Sciences Aachen/Jülich. Julio will now start his PhD project at Prof. Schönings lab at FH Jülich.
April 2014Alex gives a presentation at the 3rd BioProScale conference on "Inhomogeneities in large-scale bioprocesses: System biology and process dynamics" in Berlin.
April 2014Christian Sachs now starts as PhD research associate at the Modeling and Simulation Group in close cooperation with the Microscale Group.
March 2014Christian Freier studying Bionic Engineering at University of Applied Sciences Bocholt starts his 6 months intern and Bachelor project on oxygen control during single cell cultivation.
March 2014Christian Sachs successfully finishes his Master Project on “Automated High-Throughput Analysis of Single Bacteria in Microfluidic Habitats” at Goethe University Frankfurt.
January 2014Official start of the “Helmholtz Young Investigators Group Microscale Bioengineering”
September 2013Dietrich Kohlheyer receives a young investigators grant from the Helmholtz Association of 1.25 M€ for a total research period of 5 years
September 2013Sophie Weber, student at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen (Jülich) starts her 6 months internship project
August 2013Julio Arreola, student at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen (Jülich) starts with his Master project
June 2013Christina Krämer wins poster prize at the 2013 "How Dead is Dead III" held from 6-7 June in Berlin for her work entitled: „Continuous viability fluorescent staining of growing Corynebacterium glutamicum colonies without sample preparation in an automated microfluidic measurement system“
May 2013Johanna Heinrich successfully finshes her master thesis
May 2013Nadja Braun, cleanroom technican, starts on the BMBF funded OptoSys project
April 2013Christian Sachs from Frankfurt University starts with his master project
March 20132 new positions within the joint BMBF project OptoSys available
December 2012Philipp Frank successfully defends his Master thesis. He will move on with a PhD position at Dresden University
November 2012Opening party of the new live cell microscopy labs
October 2012Christina Krämer starts with her PhD project within the DFG funded Priority Program SPP1617: “Phenotypic heterogeneity and sociobiology of bacterial populations
August 2012Exceptional high growth rates of C. glutamicum under picoliter cultivation: New Paper online in Biotechnology and Bioengineering!
August 2012Johanna Heinrich, currently enroled at the RWTH, starts with her master project
July 2012Nobu Karippai starts his 8 week intership at the µScale group
April 2012Philipp Frank decided to stay for another 6 month for his Dipl. Ing. assignment
March 2012Alex Grünberger presents his latest results at the 2nd BioProScale Symposium in Berlin
March 2012First paper on a picoliter bioreactor accepted for publication in the RSC journal Lab-on-a-Chip:
January 2012Susanne Schmitz starts with her 2 months biotechnical internship
November 2011Alexander Grünberger gives an oral presentation @ Montreux Nanotech 2011, Montreux, CH
November 2011Philipp Frank starts his 4 month internship on PDMS flex valve technology.
November 2011Stefan Helfrich starts as the first hybrid µscale-Modsim Master student. He will work on automated image recognition software for single cell analysis.
October 2011Single Spot IR laser optical tweezers system installed. First cells successfully trapped!
October 2011Invited presentation @ the DGfZ conference 2011, Bonn, Germany
October 2011Microscale presents first results @ the µTAS 2011 conference in Seattle, USA
August 2011Stefan Helfrich (Bioinformatics, Universität des Saarlandes) starts on an 8 week practical internship
August 2011Agnes and Christopher celebrate their one year anniversary @ µscale
August 2011The Microscale Bioengineering group now online on Facebook

May 2011             


Master student Mengmeng Wang (Biomedical Engineering RWTH Aachen) starts her 6 months research assignment on “Prevention of bacterial cell adhesion for microfluidic single-cell analysis” 
May 2011Christopher Probst starts on a three year PhD assignment to implement an optical tweezers system for single cell research
March 2011Roshanak Ziaee (Master of Mechatronics, FH Aachen) successfully defended her Master thesis on the development of hydrodynamic E.Coli traps.
February 2011Christopher Probst successfully finished his “Diplom Ingenieur” assignment on the development of an incubator system for microfluidic PDMS chips.
December 2010First trapping and growing of single E.Coli cells in a microfluidic chip
November 2010First successful fabrication of SU8 based micro molds and eventually successful molding of PDMS Chips for single cell research
October 2010Dual layer SU8-2000 cleanroom fabrication process finally established
October 2010Fully automated NIKON Eclipse Ti microscope installed and running.
October 2010Grad Student Alex Grünberger starts his PhD project on single cell research of industrial production strains.
August 2010Christopher Probst starts his final thesis and Agnes Müller-Schröer starts as biotechnical assistant.
July 2010Microfluidics lab up and running. First molding of PDMS chips.
June 2010Roshanak Ziaee starts as the first Master Student her Master assignment.
May 2010Renovation of the labs and offices completed.
January 2010Foundation of the group Micro Scale Bioengineering.