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GfÖ AK experimental ecology meeting in March 2013, Jülich

“Moving from the lab to the field: putting ecology and ecophysiology in a new framework”
18-20 March 2013 at Plant Sciences (IBG-2), Forschungszentrum Jülich

 AGENDA: GfÖ, Arbeitskreis Experimentelle Ökologie - Workshop 2013 (PDF, 43 kB)

In the field of plant science much of our understanding of plant growth, development and metabolism has been derived from studying model plants grown under controlled conditions. In the field of ecology we often find a combination of studies performed under field conditions with smaller more mechanistic studies under controlled greenhouse or climate-chamber conditions. In a world experiencing major global change, we need to better integrate our understanding of plant performance across scales, including knowing to what extent results obtained under controlled conditions are compatible with those obtained in the field. Very few studies have systematically studied how plant species respond to both abiotic and biotic factors both under controlled and field conditions since this requires comparable study units under both conditions. Nevertheless, given the considerable body of knowledge we are accumulating in both field and controlled conditions both in ecology and ecophysiology we consider the moment opportune to move towards providing an overall comparative framework for being better able to compare and assess the relative outcomes of studies under controlled and field conditions. This meeting of the Working Group Experimental Ecology of the GfÖ (German Society of Ecology) aims to provide the setting for discussion of how such a framework could develop. The Plant Sciences Institute (IBG-2) of the Forschungszentrum Jülich with its state-of-the-art plant phenotyping facilities both under controlled and increasingly under field conditions should provide an ideal background for such a discussion.

Logistical details:
The meeting will take place in the Plant Sciences (IBG-2) Institute in the Forschungszentrum Jülich, and will run from Monday early afternoon on the 18th March 2013, to Wednesday early afternoon on the 20th. There will be a few keynotes talks as well as standard talks, and a poster session. We welcome both senior and younger scientists. We plan to include a meeting session and field trip to the University of Bonn Kleinaltendorf site on Wednesday morning, such that participants can either travel back home from Bonn or will be transported back to Jülich by bus.

We are limiting the meeting to a maximum of 80 participants to ensure a good discussion atmosphere.

To register please send an email with a talk or poster title to
including an abstract (maximum 250 words) and a title by latest 15th February 2013.

Once we have collected the list of participants we will send out information on accommodation (youth hostel and hotel options) and travel and method of payment of conference fee.

Conference fee: €50 for senior scientists, 30€ for students (PhD and masters, undergraduate).

We look forward to hopefully meeting/seeing you at the GfÖ AK experimental ecology meeting in March 2013!

 AGENDA: GfÖ, Arbeitskreis Experimentelle Ökologie - Workshop 2013 (PDF, 43 kB)

Vicky Temperton and Arnd Kuhn
Plant Sciences (IBG-2)