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The effect of the Carbon Status on minor carbohydrates and the cell wall

As the cell wall represents a major carbon sink it seems likely that its metabolism might be affected by the carbon status.

Indeed there are several pieces of omics data that suggest at least a coordination of cell wall synthesis by decreasing amounts of C. As an example, it has been consistently observed that the nucleotide sugar converting enzymes seem to be transcriptionally regulated by changing carbon availability. To pursue this question, we have established an LC-MS/MS based method to measure nucleotide-sugar pools which –as the precursors for cell wall synthesis- represent the link between primary metabolism and cell synthesis.

As several enzymatic reactions in the sugar conversion pathways are currently unknown, we are cloning candidate genes and investigating their role in Arabidopsis profiting from the output of the protein classification and network approaches. Furthermore, we have conducted a forward genetic screen where the seed mucilage was used as a simple system to study cell wall polymer synthesis and are currently studying the obtained candidate lines.