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Plant Sciences

Based on molecular, physiological and ecological expertise we develop integrated concepts for intensivation and sustainibility of plant production for knowledge based bioeconomy.

Integrative plant research

  • Dynamics of growth, transport and exchange processes
  • Non-invasive methods to quantify key processes
  • Stress research:
    molecular biology, physiology, ecology
  • Efficiency of resource use in plants
  • Biodiversity
  • Remote sensing

Sustainable and innovative plant production

  • Food, raw materials and bio-energy (Bioeconomy)
  • Resource-friendly, integrated production systems
  • Non-invasive methods for breeding
  • Production of high-quality contents
  • Centre of competence for horticulture
  • Microalgae for bioenergy and use of contents

Science policy, policy consulting, international relations

  • European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO)
  • European Technology Platform Plants for the Future
  • European Technology Platform Biofuels
  • International Plant Phenotyping Initiative

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