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Portrait von Kerstin Nagel

Dr. Kerstin Nagel


Research area:
Root - Shoot - Growth





Root phenotyping

Development of novel non-invasive methods

Plant roots and especially geometry of root systems play an essential role in performance, productivity, and fitness of plants. For phenotyping roots, non-destructive and non-invasive methods are indispensable and have to be developed and established for a wide range of plant species. Non-invasive technologies open new routes to explore the dynamic processes by which roots adapt to their spatially and temporally changing environment and interact with the shoot. My main area of research is the validation and application of novel non-invasive root phenotyping methodologies. Integration of methods at different scales ranging from the level of root tips to entire root systems into “phenotyping chains” will give insight into the mechanisms that cause resource use efficiency in plant structure and function and will open novel routes for pre-breeding and subsequent breeding of plants.

Wurzel-PhänotypisierungWurzel-Phänotypisierung - Originalbild (1) und farbcodierte Darstellung (2) des Wurzelsystems einer Tabakpflanze in einem Agargel (A) sowie einer Rapspflanze in einem Erdgefüllten Rhizotron (B); Hauptwurzel in Grün und Seitenwurzeln in Rot dargestellt.


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