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GWAS and functional analysis of candidate alleles for growth adaptive traits of A.thaliana to abiotic stress

Qurat-ul Ain

Episodes of changes in environmental conditions such as, increase in CO2 concentrations leading to drought, floods, high and low temperatures extremes are becoming frequent and intense with passage of time. Hence, there is a need for understanding molecular and physiological mechanisms by which plants respond both in short- and long-term to changing environmental conditions, such as to carbon dioxide concentration and temperature.

The aim of my project is the identification of candidate alleles which are up- or downregulated during stress conditions. High-throughput phenotyping platforms available at Forschungszentrum Julich are being used for analyzing the time series and spatio-temporal morphological data of plants along with the exploitation of genomic resources in naturally occurring accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana (SNP dataset of 1001 Genomes). The candidate alleles will be identified by genome wide association studies, which will be subjected to functional characterization, for better understanding of gene function.