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PhD - Projects IBG-2 | 2018

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28 Feb 2017
Topic 1:Phloem function at elevated CO2 concentration.
Topic 2:Structure and functional understanding of plant vascular system as a model for heat and cold transport in biological and technical supply systems.
Topic 3:Root water uptake in drying soils and plant adaptations to water shortages.
Topic 4:Effects of renewable fertilizer on wheat root morphology.
Topic 5:Dynamics of photosynthetic carbon supply to root symbiotic co-existence: Visualisation and quantification of carbon tracers to test importance of soil and biotic factors
Topic 6:Insights into carbon partitioning and storage root initiation and development of wild cassava accessions (Manihot esculenta Crantz) – STRIDE
Topic 7:Enabling high-performance imaging spectroscopy for the field.
Topic 8:Development and application of deep learning methodologies to various high-throughput, imaging-based plant phenotyping pipelines.

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PhD - Projects IBG-2 | 2018 (PDF, 206 kB)