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German Plant Phenotyping Network

The Deutsches Pflanzen Phänotypisierungs Netzwerk (DPPN) is a project funded by the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) with three other German partners. More: German Plant Phenotyping Network …

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Bioeconomy Science Center

Production processes, energy supply and the production of food on a sustainable, climate-smart basis: this is the aim behind the bioeconomy. The centre of excellence for research in this area is the Bioeconomy Science Centre (BioSC). More: Bioeconomy Science Center …

Arabidopsis Screening

New publicationin plant phenotyping

New article in the Annual Review of Plant Biology provides a look into the future of plant phenotyping More IBG-2 publications  came as first, second and fifth in the ranking of the most cited articles of the renowned journal Functional Plant Biology in 2012  More


Plant Sciences

Plants are the basis for nourishment of a growing world population with changing needs. They are the basis for a future bio-economy of renewable raw materials and resources as well as the starting material for the energetic utilization of biomass. Plants are key elements in approaches to climate change and the preservation of biological diversity.

The application of the increased knowledge of molecular control mechanisms requires multidisciplinary approaches. On the basis of molecular, physiological and ecological expertise, integrated concepts for an intensified and sustainable crop production are being developed.

New technologies such as (non-invasive) pheno-typing with non-invasive methods, modern technologies for plant breeding or modeling and simulation of the interaction genome-environment coupled with bio-informatics open up new approaches to understanding but also for practical implementation of a knowledge-based use of plants for the bio-economy.