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EPPN - the European Plant Phenotyping Network

January 2012 is the begin of the project within the 7th EC Framework Program. Topics are RTD, networking and transnational access to phenotyping infrastructures.

The European Plant Phenotyping Network (EPPN) is an EU-funded Integrating Activity project with 14 participants. The overall aim is to integrate plant phenotyping activities within and outside of Europe by supporting the plant phenotyping community, improving the capabilities and, enhancing access to the major plant phenotyping facilities in Europe.

Joint Research Acitivities (RTD)

The EPPN consortium has identified major needs related to advancement of plant phenotyping science within Europe. Joint research activities of the consortium will pursue a development and adaptation of novel sensors and methods/assays for application in plant phenotyping embedded into common IT standards. Additionally, novel approaches to sensor development, environment simulation and monitoring and data management and analysis will be made available to the community to address the specific needs of the plant phenotyping user community.


The EPPN project aims to develop a pan-European community focused on plant phenotyping, and organized around the EPPN phenotyping facilities. To achieve this goal, communication, networking and education will be advanced to attract existing and newly developing phenotyping platforms, users from academy and industry, developers and other leading phenotyping centers.

To reach the goal we will foster interaction and organize:

•       International Plant Phenotyping Symposia

•       Summer Schools

•       EPPN Information Workshops

•       Developer Workshops

•       Round Table Meetings

Access to Plant Phenotyping platforms (Transnational Access)

EPPN will open existing infrastructure platforms for transnational access to the European phenotyping community in an attempt to build an integrated European research area for plant phenotyping science. Over twenty different plant phenotyping facilities from leading European Institutions will open state-of-the-art phenotyping systems and approaches to external users. The research scope of these facilities covers a wide range of approaches from chemical and tissue level over root and shoots phenotyping to field applications.